What Whistleblower Protections Exist in Texas?

Although it would be ideal that all employers, governments, and organizations would follow all legal and ethical formalities, this is often not the case. Many states have implemented laws to protect individuals who report such illegal and unethical actions by employers, governments, and organizations. Is Texas one of those states? Let’s see. Click to find

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Texas Maternity Leave Laws

The arrival of a newborn baby is an exciting time for many families. This is also a stressful time for parents who may need to take time off to care for a new child. What rights does a mother in Texas have in terms of maternity leave? Let’s see. Article by The Labor Law Firm

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Texas Hostile Work Environment Laws

Employees oftentimes complain about not liking jobs, bosses, co-workers and tasks. However, not liking something about an employer or place of employment does not necessarily indicate a hostile work environment. What does Texas call a hostile work environment? Let’s discuss. Contact a Hostile Work Environment Attorney in Houston. Hostile Work Environment Definition Complaining of a

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Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in Texas?

Having a non-compete agreement or a covenant not to compete are common in sales and employment contracts. Are non-compete agreements enforceable in Texas? Let’s discuss. If you would like to speak to a Texas Labor Lawyer, then click here. Texas Non-Compete Agreement Laws In business and employment contracts, having non-compete agreements or clauses is not

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Can I Sue For Workplace Bullying?

Being bullied is not limited to children on school playground. Bullying also happens on a daily basis to professional adults. However, adults oftentimes do not recognize certain behaviors to be bullying; even if the adult does recognize the bullying, the adult might not know the laws and resources with how to deal with the hostile

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